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I'm 25, a proud Canadian and I'm kind of awesome. I started this journey in September 2013 and have been progressing at various speeds (slowly, most recently). There will be personal posts and ample amounts of selfies and also very random things that I like. Sorry not sorry.

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I vow to always like your selfie if it comes on my dash. Because your faces are cute. So are your booties. You are cute.

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A List of “Men’s Rights” Issues That Feminism Is Already Working On

Feminists do not want you to lose custody of your children. The assumption that women are naturally better caregivers is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not like commercials in which bumbling dads mess up the laundry and competent wives have to bustle in and fix it. The assumption that women are naturally better housekeepers is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to have to make alimony payments. Alimony is set up to combat the fact that women have been historically expected to prioritize domestic duties over professional goals, thus minimizing their earning potential if their “traditional” marriages end. The assumption that wives should make babies instead of money is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want anyone to get raped in prison. Permissiveness and jokes about prison rape are part of rape culture, which is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want anyone to be falsely accused of rape. False rape accusations discredit rape victims, which reinforces rape culture, which is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be lonely and we do not hate “nice guys.” The idea that certain people are inherently more valuable than other people because of superficial physical attributes is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to have to pay for dinner. We want the opportunity to achieve financial success on par with men in any field we choose (and are qualified for), and the fact that we currently don’t is part of patriarchy. The idea that men should coddle and provide for women, and/or purchase their affections in romantic contexts, is condescending and damaging and part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be maimed or killed in industrial accidents, or toil in coal mines while we do cushy secretarial work and various yarn-themed activities. The fact that women have long been shut out of dangerous industrial jobs (by men, by the way) is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to commit suicide. Any pressures and expectations that lower the quality of life of any gender are part of patriarchy. The fact that depression is characterized as an effeminate weakness, making men less likely to seek treatment, is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be viewed with suspicion when you take your child to the park (men frequently insist that this is a serious issue, so I will take them at their word). The assumption that men are insatiable sexual animals, combined with the idea that it’s unnatural for men to care for children, is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be drafted and then die in a war while we stay home and iron stuff. The idea that women are too weak to fight or too delicate to function in a military setting is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want women to escape prosecution on legitimate domestic violence charges, nor do we want men to be ridiculed for being raped or abused. The idea that women are naturally gentle and compliant and that victimhood is inherently feminine is part of patriarchy.

Feminists hate patriarchy. We do not hate you.

If you really care about those issues as passionately as you say you do, you should be thanking feminists, because feminism is a social movement actively dedicated to dismantling every single one of them. The fact that you blame feminists—your allies—for problems against which they have been struggling for decades suggests that supporting men isn’t nearly as important to you as resenting women. We care about your problems a lot. Could you try caring about ours?

Excerpt from If I Admit That Hating Men is a Thing, Will You Stop Turning it Into a Self-fulfilling Prophecy?, by Lindy West  (via runningmermaids)

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Boyfriend bought me a cast iron tea pot for my birthday, and while he was telling me about care instructions and stuff he said “if they’re properly cared for, lots of people pass them down as heirlooms” and you guys he was thinking of me but also of our future family when he bought it and that just overjoys me.


when ur group of privileged friends are laughing about something terrible and offensive


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I love spontaneous sex. Like when you’re just watching tv and chatting and then you lean over to kiss her cheek but she kisses you back and pulls off your top and then she’s on top of you and whoops sexy times.

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Missing $70 cash from my wallet

90% sure my room mate stole it and even though I texted asking if she had seen it she was like “just to cover the bases, I swear I didn’t do it”


Alberta, Canada.

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1. What is your biggest inspiration? 

For weight-loss? I suppose you people. All you success stories, or going to be success stories. Everyone has their own struggles and it’s crazy inspiring to see how everyone else deals with their stuff

2. What’s the prettiest thing you’ve experienced?

Prettiest? I have no idea. Depends on what you’re asking.  I went para sailing in hawaii once, and that was pure bliss, until my sister convinced the boat driver to dunk me in the ocean.

Once I saw a man so beautiful I literally almost licked his face.

My parents also do this thing, where my dad goes “have I told you today?” and my mom goes “nope” and then he tells her he loves her. It is the fucking cutest.

3. Favorite color?

Green, of the emeraldish variety.

4. What would you do if you had a million dollars?

A million? I would

  • Finally get my tooth fixed ($10K)
  • Buy a house (500K)
  • Parents (100K)
  • Sibling (100K)
  • High Interest Savings (250K)
  • Travel (40K)

5. What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you own or outfit? 

I don’t honestly know I have a favourite outfit. I have a comfy as fuck shirt from Old Navy that is way too big now. The dress I wore on my first date with Boyfriend is super pretty.

6. What is one of your goals for 2014?

Do a 5K (I’m signed up and payed for a 5K in August!)

7. Do you plan on having a family?

If it happens, yes. I want kids more than anything else in the world. I want to be a mom. I think I’m meant to be a mom. Just want to find someone I love, who wants the same things. 

8. Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jason Segel. Always.

9. What is you favorite book/movie? (I know not everyone like to read)

Both of these are too hard to actually nail down.

Books; Abarat is great, I enjoy the Odd Thomas series, who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I read lots of biographies too.

Movies; Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Cloverfield, Moulin Rouge, Singing in the Rain

10. A place you want to visit?

New York! New Zealand! Europe! Greece! So many places

11. What is something that you are proud of?

Myself, most of the time. My sister. How I’ve turned out as a person.